It’s never been easy to make effective financial decisions. Financial planning turns into perennial planning, the turn out for 401(k) employee education is dismal and the promise of financial wellness programs to date, has not been realized.

In fact nearly two-thirds of Americans can’t even pass a basic test of financial literacy. Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results. It’s time to take a fresh approach to the problem of personal finance.


MoneyCapsules(r) is a communication tool for enabling values-based dialogues about money. By capsulizing one’s financial life into 7 MoneyCapsules(r) which are: Values-Cash-Return-Tax-Risk-Time- & Giving. When used individuals feel more confident in engaging in  financial conversations with their spouse, partner,or  family member, or with financial, legal and tax professionals.

Sound of Money

Finances are a lot like music. When you hear the right notes, it just sounds sweet. Using music, humor, and stories, The Sound of Money(tm) creates an engaging venue to communicate complex financial concepts. Using videos and live music performance, we use an “artful” communication style to help financially educate.


Two-thirds of U.S. public and private companies admit that they have no formal CEO succession plan in place*. Your exit strategy may very well be the most important financial transaction of your life. Succession Success(tm) is a newsletter designed for business owners.

Sound Financial Decisions

Making financial decisions which are in harmony with our personal values is key for creating purpose and a happier life. Sound Financial Decisions(tm) powered by MoneyCapsules(r) offers financial advisors and educators a simple to learn framework to engage in impactful conversations in three easy steps: ORGANIZE your financial life, UNDERSTAND your options and consequences and Decide by knowing which choices are in harmony with your values.

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